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Embrace the Fusion of Pepe and Memes!

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BSC Contract: 0x3E45C4f2FC4D2B505557449a66a024a42b5C34D2

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Pepe Face

$PPFACE is a deflationary memecoin built on the BSC network. Through a creative fusion of Pepe's characteristics and meme face's expressions, we've crafted a one-of-a-kind token that connects with meme enthusiasts around the world.

Join us and be part of the memeconomy revolution!

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Why Choose $PPFACE

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MEME Contest!

Exclusively designed for $PPFACE token holders, this platform allows you to submit your finest memes for a chance to win big.

Contest Rules:


To ensure a fair and fun competition, please follow these guidelines when submitting memes:

  • Respect Copyright: Create original memes or ensure you have the necessary rights to use any existing content.

  • Appropriate Content: Avoid offensive, harmful, or inappropriate materials.

  • Voting Integrity: Encourage fair voting and do not engage in any form of cheating.

Submit Your Meme:

Showcase your meme genius by easily uploading your creations on our platform. Pay the required entry fee in $PPFACE and let the contest begin!


Keep an eye on the leaderboard to see which memes are leading the race!


Voting is open to all members of the community who hold a certain amount of $PPFACE tokens. So share on your social media and invite your friends to vote for and support your memes!

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We value engagement and interaction within our community. Every like, vote, comment, and share on our meme contest platform earns you a ticket for our engagement prize draw.

The more active you are, the higher your chances of winning the prestigious prize! So, keep engaging and winning big with $PPFACE!




BSC Network

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5% BUY / 5% SELL

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Get Started!


Access your crypto wallet, such as Metamask or Trust Wallet, or create a new wallet.


Convert your $BNB into $PPFACE on the website



Purchase $BNB with your credit card or your preferred method.

Participate in our meme contests on our platform. Be the top voted or engage to win prizes.


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Founder-  Autielis Lima

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CEO-  Jasper Crown

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Marketing - Carlos

CMO- Oskar Arnold

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Developer- Jacob Adams

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